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This  part of project aims to describe all the steps which must be perform in order to create an image of a fusion table outlining an Irish population heat map based on the 2011 census data, what information could be gleamed from the heat map, what other ideas/concepts could be represented in the heat map.

Fusion Tables

According to google website, a ‘Fusion Tables’ is an experimental data visualization web application in order to gather, visualize and share data table. So, is evident, to be access this application is necessary to have set up a Gmail account but how some people would believe, is not necessary the web browser to be Google Chrome, can be just  a simple Google one.

This application, is free as well as many other Google applications and can be easily add on Gmail account in order to be accessed at any time when user will need it.

importance of fusion tables for an organisation

Fusion Tables are a very well-designed and free visualization tool indeed. The most important conveniences the app offers:

  • The tables build by developers are automatically saved and stored in Google Drive
  • User can own spreadsheets or CSV files, as well as publicly shared data, you can build a chart, network graph, or custom layout
  • User can upload data tables from their one spreadsheets or CSV files, even KML. Developers can insert, update, delete and query data programmatically; can export their data as CSV or KML.
  • Developers can be merge two or three tables to generate a single visualization that includes all sets of data.
  • Developers can convert their data into a map in minutes using KML polygons
  • Using html code, developers can embed the visualization into their website, or simply share the link to it; the links to the app are active, and will show the latest version of the data.

Generating the heat map

In order to generate the heat map the first step is to log in Google Drive and selected Fusion Tables. Once the data from Irish Population Census of 2011, by County  and are loaded, should be cleaned; the map KML file because some statistics are repeating the few times and then to do the same step, must cleansed census data which must be manipulated.

Fusion Table, upload table and klm data


photo 2
Change map feature styles


The map was auto-generated using the KML details – it now needed to be refined. On the Map tab, the Feature Map section has a Change map features styles button from where was selected 26 buckets. Based on number of the countries from data and labelled with a range of different colors to be easier to see their geographic boundaries. Then loaded, selected File, Merge from the Dropdown.

Map of Ireland’s Total Persons

Data visualization is a huge gain for a business (organization) or decision maker facilitating to collate and comprehend the data more easily.

Map of Ireland’s Total Males

Map of Ireland’s Total Females

Configure continuous variable chart

Data visualization is a huge gain for an organization (business) or decision maker facilitating to collate and comprehend the data more easily. It is evident from the heat map Fig.3 that Cork and Dublin have jumping over other 26 countries and aimed to futures investments this statistics are vital for any business. Both counties are the most densely populated without dysfunction between the number of men and women, which is quite equal, as result the target market could be varied.

Configure pie chart – Total Person by County or City

Configure network graph – Show link between County or City and Males

This new type of configure, network graph, is more efficient than everything what was previous by the fact it provides specific data, just those are necessary to be collected by user without any other interference or disruption. Furthermore this graph is so a live, the nodes are moving most all the time!

Percentage of persons who travelled reference day by region, 2012, 2013 and 2014

A heat map can imperative information not just for organisation but even for people viewing it. Most of this persons are in special those which commuting day by day or plan to commute in the near future. They gather information about how many people commute every day or once in a while, and  much  are the most major roads that connect cities, and not least what other possibilities are to commute between cities.

Increasing or decreasing the percentage of persons who travelled by region between 2012-2014

These data even can be very useful for future developments estates and roads infrastructure. It can be seen for instance that the most highly populated counties are all connected to Dublin by large motorways such as  M6 from Dublin – Galway, the M7 from Dublin – Limerick and M8 from Dublin – Cork.  This information comfirm that the road system in Ireland is still poor just with few roads built in specially to facilitate  people to commute to and from Dublin.

Configure network graph of increasing the percentage of persons who travelled by region in 2014

According to all the data is evident that the population of Ireland continuing to increase, (baby boom during recession time) it would be efficient for economy to create a network of motorways and more options for people to commute.



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